3 reason to should to solar install nowadays

installation of solar cells tends to be more popular Because it can save energy. reduce the impact on the environment And what makes people most interested is the reduction of electricity bills, which on average Solar cells can reduce electricity bills up to 40-60% per month, so they are suitable for installation on factory roofs. or places that use a lot of electricity during daytime.

By investment options to install a solar cell system It’s ideal during this time that both FT electricity bills are rising. Products in the solar system which tends to get more and more expensive, including tax measures to intervene in businesses that negatively affect the environment By installing solar cells, it is a worthwhile investment. and payback within a few years.

Reason to should to Solar install nowadays !

1. Electricity cost increse 11.40%

Currently, the FT electricity price increase is likely to continue to increase, with the ERC announcing that the electricity price for this round (in January 2023, only for businesses using more than 500 units of electricity per month) will be increased by 11.44%. (Usually, FT electricity costs will increase on average only 4% per year), causing the electricity cost we have to pay to increase to 5.33 baht / unit from the original 4.72 baht / unit, with the solar cell system helping to reduce the burden here.

Although the price of solar panels has been steadily declining over the past 3 decades. but nowadays Solar panel prices have rebounded Rising according to the cost of raw materials used in production. with the following factors:

2. The price of raw materials used to produce solar panels increases

Although the price of solar panels has been steadily declining over the past 3 decades. but nowadays Solar panel prices have rebounded Rising according to the cost of raw materials used in production. with the following factors:

  • Almost all solar panels are made up of silver. In the past few years The price of silver increased by about 50% in just 6 months.

  • In 2020, the US announced trade sanctions on companies involved in human rights violations in China. While China is the manufacturer of solar panels. over 77% of the world’s polysilicon, forcing importers to source more expensive materials elsewhere.

  • Aluminum is another raw material in the production of solar cells. But even aluminum is still cheap. But the cost of aluminum has increased rapidly, about 2 times due to the outbreak of COVID-19, coupled with the energy shortage in industrialized countries that are used to produce aluminum.

  • In 2022, the price of steel continues to increase. Due to the magnesium used in steel production More than 87% from factories in China, while the industry in China has stalled. Causing steel manufacturers around the world to stop production It affects the price of steel used in the production of solar cells.

In addition to the raw material factor Transportation is also a factor that drives up the price of solar panels. This is because logistics is one element in the supply chain. The cost of transportation continues to increase. Including delays in transportation during the epidemic.

It can be seen that the price of products in the solar cell system tends to increase continuously. From the cost of raw materials used in production increased. and will no longer decrease like it was 10 years ago If analyzing the trends of the past few years and the current situation Therefore, installing a solar cell system is a very suitable investment option at this time.

3. Carbon credit and carbon Tax

In the near future Businesses with production processes through carbon dioxide emissions will encounter tax measures that will affect. because now “Global warming” is a global problem that needs to be solved quickly. Thailand has signed the Tokyo Protocol and the Paris Agreement for responsibility to reduce global temperatures.

For this reason, “Carbon Credits” have been created, which is one of the mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to solve the global warming problem. If any business operates by reducing carbon emissions more than the target can be calculated as carbon credits to sell to businesses that continue to emit greenhouse gases in excess of regulated targets as compensation. Therefore, businesses that operate with regard to the environment whether it is promoting reforestation or using alternative energy like a solar cell system will have an advantage over businesses that generate large amounts of greenhouse gases in the future.

Currently, carbon credits market in Thailand In the voluntary carbon market, there is no law yet.

Inevitably, a Carbon Border Tax will come into force to help global businesses adapt to ESG principles. The European Union (EU) will impose tariffs on imports made from countries without a carbon tax. To protect producers in countries with a carbon tax from countries without such tariffs.

For example If we are an exporter operating a business using carbon emission processes We have to pay taxes to destination countries such as Europe, America, etc. The tax rate is based on the amount of carbon emitted.

Therefore, Thai export business entrepreneurs must adapt. to support the said carbon tax. because of various measures Other import tariffs are coming into force soon, such as the CBAM measure, which will begin levying import duties on carbon-neutralized goods by 2023.

Carbon Border Tax or Carbon Tax It’s not a business loss in any way. If we implement the concept of ESG (Sustainable Business Development), it will be even more beneficial to compete in the global market. Because the price of our products can still be strong. despite the tax burden Businesses that are environmentally friendly therefore have a huge advantage in the near future. and clean energy Especially the solar cell system is one of the options that change. Business based on ESG concept.

It can be seen that both the cost of FT electricity is increasing, and the price of products in the solar cell system tends to continue to increase. and carbon tax All factors are reasons that Why do we need to install solar cells at this time? which if installed the faster the return And reduce the burden of tax expenses that will occur in the future as well It also protects the environment and helps keep the global temperature lower. ready for fresh air in the future.


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