6 reasons to clean solar panels

Solar cell systems can produce energy. Generate returns every day, but many people may overlook the important thing, which is cleaning the solar panels like consistently, this issue is very important. Because it helps with both increased panel efficiency and many other things to know.

EGP has already concluded with 6 reasons why solar panels should be cleaned.

6 reason to clean solar panels

1. Solar panel efficiency increase

Solar panel When used for a long time, the efficiency will decrease with the service life. But if we don’t clean the panel, the performance will decrease even more. From the statistical survey, it was found that The performance and features of the panel will be continuously improved. That’s a 21% increase at the household level and a 60% increase at the business level.

Therefore, in a good way, we should wash the solar panels regularly. for full energy efficiency.

2. Warantee condition

Most solar panel manufacturers require their panels to be cleaned regularly. This service is already covered by the warranty. Therefore, we should not waste the opportunity to clean solar panels regularly from service companies. because when the warranty period has expired We will no longer be able to claim this benefit.

3. Increase durability

Cleaning solar panels Will remove dirt, chemicals, bird droppings, etc. These impurities may cause the solar panel to deteriorate. and may cause damage to the panel more easily Which keeping it clean will extend the lifespan of the solar cells to a certain extent.

4. Inspection

when cleaning solar panels It’s equal that we can check the damage at this time too. which if we find damage early can be fixed immediately instead of paying for expensive repairs.

5. Improve ROI time

Investing in solar cell systems is quite expensive. which investors install solar Most of them have the hope that this investment will return the capital as quickly as possible. But as you know, if we don’t clean the solar panel The efficiency of energy production will decrease. And causing the return on investment (ROI) to decrease as well, so we should clean the solar panels regularly.

6. Rainwater doesn’t do it for you

Many people may think that rainwater will help clean or wash the solar panels, but in fact, when the rain stops, it always leaves dirt on the panel. So we shouldn’t leave panel cleaning to the rain. Easy to compare with cars, which we can’t let rain water clean as well, right?

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